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Dr. Nam’s commitment to restoring mobility and quality of life for every patient has resulted in life-changing results worth sharing. From professional athletics to everyday life, people are getting back to the life they love. Over 1300 satisfied patients have consistently rated Dr. Nam at a 4.9 out of 5.

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From a young age, Gwen Chamberlin’s life revolved around sports—ballet, gymnastics, hurdling, cross-fit, and Olympic weightlifting. At 57, she became a Masters Weightlifting National Champion with no plans of slowing down. But when arthritis started to affect her hips, she was afraid she’d never lift again. See how Dr. Nam’s nontraditional joint replacement approach tailored to her lifestyle ended up being the biggest weight lifted of all.

At her best, Triathlete Emily Doehring was running 30-40 races a year. But her biggest hurdle wasn’t the competition, but arthritis pain in both of her knees. Emily had her first knee replaced by a local doctor and her second by Dr. Nam. From the level of care to the time it took her to recover, her experiences were like night and day. See how Dr. Nam’s expertise and minimally invasive technique helped her get back on the bike and to living the life she loves.

Triathlete Emily Doehring
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Dan Mercer was blown away by Dr. Nam’s quality of care during his wife Lillian’s knee replacement. His team had an astute attention to detail, and the couple felt calm and comfortable knowing that they were in good hands. When the time came for his own hip replacement, there was no question who Dan wanted operating. “I encourage people to ask me about my orthopedic surgeon because I could go on and on and on,” he says. The experience was smooth from beginning to end and an all-around “wow.”

Sarah Byrn was on vacation with her family when the unthinkable happened; her knee cap broke. "It was as horrible as it sounds," says Sarah. She had recently had both knees replaced by a local surgeon and after her accident, the path forward was unclear. Doctors told her the injury was rare and encouraged her to find a specialist. That's when she was introduced to Dr. Nam.
Dr. Nam treated her patella fracture nonoperatively with a cast and brace. While the fracture healed, her knee replacements were loosening and her pain was progressing. That's when Dr. Nam came up with a plan to remove the implants and start from scratch. With two brand new knee replacements, Sarah was amazed at the ways she could re-engage with 10 children and 17 grandchildren.
"I could walk without pain or a limp for the first time in a year," says Sarah. She is always eager to share her story in hopes that it will help others. "Patients need to hear this because they don’t know life could be better."

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"I am so happy with the hip replacement that you did one year ago. I got back on a bike in April while in Arizona and did two 30 milers. In June, I was back to doing 65+ mile rides. In September, we did 21 days of biking in Italy, 12 in Sardinia and the remainder in Tuscany. All this was quite amazing because I went from having difficulty walking around the block to being able to bike again in the mountains in 9 months."
- Peter R.

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Priya Patel

Registered nurse
Priya Patel is a nurse clinician for Dr. Nam. She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for her undergraduate education, and then completed her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) at Marquette University. She takes part in all aspects of the patient journey, from preoperative to postoperative care. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, trying new restaurants, and exploring the city of Chicago!

Tara Duffy

Physician Assistant
Tara joined Dr. Nam’s practice in August 2023 and is excited to join a team focused on excellence in patient care. Tara completed her bachelor and graduate studies at Marquette University. As a PA, Tara treats patients in the clinic as well as assists Dr. Nam in surgery. She most enjoys caring for patients every step of the way during the surgical process.