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Hip Replacements + Reconstruction

Dr. Denis Nam performs over 1,000 hip and knee replacements and revisions annually, including some of Rush University Medical Center’s most complex cases. His minimally invasive techniques reduce pain during recovery and have patients walking the same day. 

Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Nam and his team believe in an individualized, patient-specific approach to total hip replacement to ensure the best possible result. He and his team are constantly ensuring the practice is utilizing the most cutting edge methodology and techniques for optimal patient outcomes.

During a total hip replacement, Dr. Nam starts with approximately a 4-5 inch incision centered over the side of the hip, compared to the standard 6-12 inches—reducing the amount of pain, weakness, and swelling during recovery.

Using minimally invasive techniques to preserve muscle and ligaments, he removes all arthritic surfaces. He then takes a number of steps that preps the inner surface of the hip socket and enables him to remove any arthritic bone to prepare for the new prosthesis. The new titanium hip socket is secured into place to ensure stability. Over time, the patient’s bone will grow and attach to the outer surface of the titanium prosthesis. Dr. Nam then secures into place a polyethylene liner into the new hip socket, which results in a smooth, gliding surface of the hip.

Next, Dr. Nam individualizes the hip replacement for each patient based on their bone structure and activity level. After locating the patient’s femur or thigh bone, he uses specialized instruments to prepare the bone to receive the other component of the prosthesis. Most commonly, as with the socket, this prosthesis is inserted without cement so that the native bone will grow and attach over time. On some occasions, the prosthesis may be secured with cement, based on the bone quality or the specific shape of the femur. When complete, the prosthesis re-creates the original ball-and-socket hip joint.

At the end of the surgery, Dr. Nam will perform a final check to ensure excellent stability and range of motion of the hip. He then cleanses the hip thoroughly prior to closing the incision precisely to ensure optimal healing. On average, the procedure only takes one hour to perform from start to finish.

After surgery, the patient is taken to the recovery room. Each patient will work with a physical therapist on the day of surgery to walk and navigate stairs, a task which is indicative of the patient’s readiness to function at home. The majority of patients will be discharged on the same day of surgery, but some will stay in the hospital for one night to monitor any pre-existing medical conditions.

MAKOPlasty Robotic Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Nam has performed over 5,000 joint replacement cases with excellent outcomes utilizing traditional manual surgery techniques. And as technology evolves, physicians have expanded options for how surgery is performed. For some patients, robotic surgery may be an option.

Dr. Nam is among the first surgeons to perfect cutting-edge robotic replacements—which results in a more natural-feeling hip. Robotic assistance is the most innovative and advanced technology available, providing a level of precision and accuracy that cannot be achieved with manual techniques. During a robotic-assisted total hip replacement, Dr. Nam removes the arthritic bone using a robotic-assisted surgical arm. Using real-time information, Dr. Nam then customizes the hip replacement to optimize the function and stability for each individual patient.

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A Patient-Centric Approach

From setting up any necessary appointments to one-on-one patient education, our team of experts is by your side from day one. You’ll stay informed and encouraged with optional text messages, and have access to your care team anytime.

Patient Resources

We understand that considering a joint replacement is a big step. Our team cares deeply about your experience and works to help you understand what to expect throughout your journey. From practice information to tools to help you anticipate what’s to come, we offer the resources you need to feel cared for and confident.

Patient Success Stories

Gwen Chamberlin Olympic Athlete
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For this Masters Weightlifting National Champion, Dr. Nam’s nontraditional joint replacement approach tailored to her lifestyle ended up being the biggest weight lifted of all.

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Priya Patel

Registered nurse
Priya Patel is a nurse clinician for Dr. Nam. She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for her undergraduate education, and then completed her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) at Marquette University. She takes part in all aspects of the patient journey, from preoperative to postoperative care. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, trying new restaurants, and exploring the city of Chicago!

Tara Duffy

Physician Assistant
Tara joined Dr. Nam’s practice in August 2023 and is excited to join a team focused on excellence in patient care. Tara completed her bachelor and graduate studies at Marquette University. As a PA, Tara treats patients in the clinic as well as assists Dr. Nam in surgery. She most enjoys caring for patients every step of the way during the surgical process.